Task & Ticket Management

Assign, Manage and Track the real time status of all your work jobs/tasks.
Raise Instant Issue Tickects and automate ticket assignment to concerned departments.

Create Custom Forms

Easily digitise all your prosesses using our built in customisable forms.
Our forms include:
1. Rating Form
2. Score Form
3. Checklist Form
4. SCQ Form
5. Q&A Form
6. Audit Form
7. Voice-to-Text Form

Chat, Share Files & Track Activities

Our task and team based chat allows for seamless communication.
Easily share files and track all activities of your executives instantly.

Data Management & Reports

Store all business data to analyze performance reports and make better business decisions.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Now enjoy the power of Wobot on your favorite social media messaging platform.

Accessible Across Desktop And Mobiles

A Smarter Way To Ensure Total Control Of Your Business Success

  • Modernize your business and increase productivity.

  • Template based workflows help fit all business processes.

  • Analyze team and customer behaviour and revenue trends.

  • Get unlimited customer support from our solution experts.

  • Designed and engineered keeping simplicity in mind.

  • Our built-in bot will assist you in making correct business decisions after analysing & understanding patterns in your daily activities.

  • Multiple platform compatibility ensures high connectivity.

  • Data encryption ensures that your information is secured.

  • A nominal monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime.

  • Access your data and manage your business on the go.

  • Get access to new modules to help grow your business.

  • Backed by industry experts and spearheaded by young minds.